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John sat in the office of the garage, staring down at the open cellphone in his hand, and the message from his daughter. Don't worry about me, I'm with Dean.  We're fine. Won't be back for a while, sorry about the car.  

It wasn't the first contact, but it was the first where she'd actually said where she was.  Who she was with.  He didn't know if he was more bothered by the fact that it had taken this long for her to tell him, or that Dean hadn't seen fit to let him know.

Making his decision, he gave the phone a harsh look and called Dean.

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Dark was something of an understatement, and Katie's peering at the motor of the car that had been her brother's until a month ago with a dying flashlight had done nothing. She'd at least made it to the side of the road though, and had since closed the hood back up and sat on it, shining her flashlight into the various fields around her and holding a map on her lap. Before long she gave up and fished her phone out of her pocket, dialing in Dean's number instead of fighting through her contact list. As she held the phone up to her ear, she prepared herself for the argument that was no doubt to come. There was no way she was going to turn back now.

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This time he made his way out of the building to make the call. Excused himself from the room occupied by a still studing Jess and managed a smile as he told her he was just going to give his brother a call. Once he was out of the building he stood, propped against the wall and picked the name out of his contact list, pressing send and holding the phone to his ear.

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Sam left the laptop open and running when he moved to get his cell phone, his brother's post on the screen and the page set to refresh automatically every few seconds so if Dean decided to protest before the time it took for him to make the call he'd see it. Not that he'd pay it much mind anyway though, not right now. He'd made his decision as far as he was concerned, he wasn't in the mood for evasion.

Not that he expected not to get it anyway, on the phone. But it was at least that bit closer to actual being there. It was actually talking to him, and, while he wouldn't admit it, the fact that it made it easier for something to slip was a side-effect he didn't mind. He moved to the window once he had the phone since that's where the best reception in the room was, and scrolled through the contact list to his brother's name. A glance towards the laptop showed no responses and he hit the call button, putting the phone to his ear as he leaned back on the sill.


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